Auto Calculate Fund Sources for a Voucher/Draw

Guide Steps

This is a button in the Voucher/Draw Edit Window - to be used when no particular line item needs to come out of a particular fund source

Make sure to set up the fund sources and Order they should be used in the Loans Overview screen first for the project


Then create your voucher/draw and enter in the line item values, disregard fund source at this time

Click the Auto-calculate Fund Sources button


Then click the Accept button and system will split a line item up into the appropriate amounts based on the fund source order and balance

  1. You can modify the max amounts to use in these fields
  2. You can modify the order of funds used in these fields if they are different than what has been originally setup


Any newly created split budget code will be at the bottom of the list of your line item(s)

Can then review and click Accept when done


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