Check Numbering Options – Company Setup

Guide Steps

Navigate to Setups > Companies > Process tab > Financial Transactions tab > Validations tab > Select the CA option under the Document Selection


These are available options:

Default Next Check Number – Checking this on defaults the next check number by GL code

Driven by ‘What to Do’ Trans Code – Checking this turns on auto check numbering by the Trans code – Need to make sure your What to Do options have trans codes via the company setups. Here is the guide.

Create a separate check for every ‘What to Do’ option – Checking this will create a separate disbursement record for each different ‘what to do’ option

Create a separate check for every voucher/draw – This will create a separate check based on voucher draw number for a project

Order Disbursements by DrawMust turn on the separate check for every voucher/draw option – this will strictly order the checks by draw number rather than by vendor name when creating the check numbers


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