Setting up Separate Check Numbering Based on Disbursement Options

Guide Steps

This Needs to be Setup Before Users Can Select Disbursement Options

Navigate to Setups > Companies > Accounting Tab > Tans Codes per Document tab

  1. This area is where you select the type of Financial Document to add your disbursement options to ( will want to select VO to setup and BD if you record account deposits in Fund Control)
    • **VO, VOS, and CA records all have to have the same setups**
  2. For each disbursement option you enter in you will need to type in a unique Trans Code – this is what will allow Fund Control to generate a different check number based on the trans code
    • You can group multiple disbursement options into one trans code – for example, if multiple ways of disbursing a check would want to use the same trans code for all options if the same check numbering is going to be used

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