Creating JDIO Account

Guide Steps

After clicking the link in your invitation email, click the Sign Up button


Enter in the code provided in the invitation email and click Continue

JDIO Signup 1


Enter in your desired username and your password and click Continue


JDIO will send you a code to verify the email address you have associated with your account and you will enter it in and click OK

JDIO Signup 2


Once that is verified, you will end up in your Profile screen, enter in your first name, last name, and any other details

JDIO Signup 3


Then click the Preferences tab and check the box to Send Me Approval Notifications so that you will get notifications if you are part of an approval process, once done click the Back Arrow in the top left

JDIO Signup 4


Then click the black triangle next to the organization that invited you to see your list of projects

JDIO Signup 5