Using the Line Item Sweep Function

Guide Steps

**This action will sweep the balances of the selected line items into a designated single line item**

Create a new Budget Change record for your desired loan/project


When in Edit mode for the budget change click the Action button and select Sweep Balances into Single Code

Sweep - 2


Select Yes in the next popup or Cancel if you do not want to proceed with the action

Sweep - 3

  1. Select the sub/lot(s) that you want to sweep balances from
  2. In addition, select the budget category that you want to sweep the balances from
  3. Then select the Budget Code, Lot Number, and Fund Source that you want to sweep the balance into
  4. Click the Continue button when done

**If you have a project with line items tied to a sub/lot 0 along with other sub/lots, make sure you have those sub/lots created in the Sub/lots area for the project**

Sweep - 4