Using Records Export Command

Guide Steps

This command can be used to extract data for a found set of records or a single record

You will have the option to select fields to export based on the screen you are looking at

The more information you see, the more information you will be able to select to export

You can also find out the field name of any field by clicking into that field so the cursor shows and then clicking the Help button


For this example, we are looking at the Loans List View screen when using the Records Export, so all the fields you see will be available to be exported


Name your file and select the desired file format Comma Separated is suggested since Microsoft Excel natively will open that file type

Click OK when done


Here is where you select the fields to export, you can click the top right corner to expand the window to see the full field names

Select the field on the left and > Move > it to the left, most of the field names are named for the data they represent

Once done click the Export button


You can then click the button to download your export file and then click Close