Importing Budget from Excel Spreadsheet

Guide Steps

**Make sure your excel file only has one sheet**

Create a new budget record and click the import budget button


Select the Spreadsheet option


Click the Choose File to select your excel spreadsheet **be sure that there is only one sheet with your data for the excel file**

Then click the Import button


Here is the preview of the data before accepting it

  1. Clicking the red X will clear out that line of data so you can clean up any unwanted data
  2. There are Presets to select so the correct columns are matched up with the data to import
  3. Clicking the Eraser icon will clear out the label for that column so nothing is imported
  4. If there are any blanks that you want to delete, you can click the Blanks button to clear those out
  5. Once the data is arranged correctly and cleaned up you can click the Accept button to import