Setup Custom Financial Document Checklist – Voucher/Draw, Budget, etc.

Guide Steps

**This checklist is located in the Advanced tab of the financial document you set it up for**

Navigate to Setup > Companies > Process tab > Financial Transactions tab > Check List tab

  1. Select the financial record option for the checklist (Voucher/draw in this case)
  2. This section is where you create the checklist items – the Order which they appear and the Description of each one
  3. You can exclude options based on the Product Categories or Property types you have set up for your Company – checking the box excludes that option from that category or type
  4. If you check this box, then the items will automatically be added to every new voucher/draw created – the user still has a button where they can add them themselves as well.

Once done your users can use this guide to view the checklist on a Voucher/Draw


Guide Screenshot Reference

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