How to Create a New Communication Log

Guide Steps

Use the Actions button and select Create New Communication Log throughout Fund Control

You can also navigate to Communications > List/Detail and click the New button.

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 9.50.04 AM


Parts of a Communication Log

  1.  Recipient Information – Clicking the drop down list brings down the players tied to the project displayed below, can also type in the name or code of a contact as well
  2. From (in-house) and Dates – select the contact of who ever is sending this, and the dates are used for color coding on a project to signify a followup if the followup date is filled in.
  3. Regarding – This is the project that the communication log is tied to, can be changed by typing in the system number or name
  4. Predefined Text – Select the desired predefined text option if available
  5. Add Subject – Clicking this button adds the subject line tied to predefined text right below
  6. Add Text – This button adds the text to the body of the log from the below predefined text
  7. Once done click the Accept button

Create Comm Log - 2


Can print off a form letter of the log by selecting the Print button and choosing a print option

Click the Actions button and select the Email option to generate an email using your designated email client