Creating and Saving SQL Queries

Guide Steps

Click on the Navigation dots and select SQL Reporter

Save SQL Code - 1

  1. This button is where you can click to input an already saved SQL formula to run
  2. To save a new formula click the Save button
  3. The Copy button will copy the formula
  4. The Clean button will let you know what might be wrong with your SQL code
  5. The Clear buttons will clear out that field it is next to
  6. The Calculate button will calculate the above SQL formula
  7. Click the Export button to export the found data

Save SQL Code - 2


Exporting SQL Query Data

First either select a currently saved SQL formula (number 1 in above step) or write a new one

Then to export the data in the Result of SQL Formula field, click the Export button type in the file name with a .csv after and click OK

Save SQL Code - 3


Then click on that file to download it from your web browser

Save SQL Code - 4