Creating a Cost Commitment (Sub Agreement)

Guide Steps

In the Loan Detail, Overview screen, or in a Voucher/draw of the desired project click the Actions button and select Record a Cost Commitment

Sub Agreement Tracking - 1


Here is where you fill out the appropriate information:

  1. The vendor that the agreement is tied to
  2. The date and any notes you want to add
  3. Select the sub/lot (if applicable), budget code, and the amount that is tied to that budget for this vendors contract amount.  You can have multiple budget codes tied to a single vendor
  4. The Related Documents tab is where you can store files related to this record

Once done click the Accept button

Sub Agreement Tracking - 2



To see the totals and balances of the Cost Commitments (sub-agreements) when in a voucher/draw, go to the Advanced tab and click the purple triangle.

Sub Agreement Tracking - 3