Clearing Out Account Who is Processing Checks

Guide Steps

The Reason

FundControl only allows one user at a time to process checks, specifically during the moment that the system is issuing check numbers.  This is in place to ensure that no user will duplicate check numbers or cause a possible reconciliation, printing, or other issues. (See Screenshot Reference)

However, if during a disbursement process a user is stopped for an abnormal reason (lost internet connection, session time-out, etc.), the flag field that locks this process for that user may not get cleared.  Thereby not allowing for the next user to process disbursements.


The Fix

Here are the steps to fix this issue:

  1. Verify that that user is truly NOT processing disbursements.
  2. Navigate to Setups > Companies > Accounting > Disbursing > What to Do
  3. Clear out the account name in the Processing field and hit your RETURN/ENTER key.
Field to Clear

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