Changing JDIO Document Approvals – Per Loan Basis

Guide Steps

Setup Per Loan Approvals Before First Draw Request is Created

Open up your organizations JDIO Company setups and navigate to General Information tab > Properties tab

This is the list of projects you have uploaded to JDIO – click on the desired project you want to change the document approvals for


The Approvals section is where the approvals can be changed for this project if they are going to be different than the company setups

  1. Select the document type for the approvals (VO = Voucher/draw)
  2. Can sort by the Player type as well
  3. Click the Green Plus button to add an approval level
  4. Click the Red X to clear the approval level
  5. Can also remove the contact code and leave the approval slot open to the general player type rather than a specific contact