Stress Testing Basics

Guide Steps

Creating the Source of Stress

  1. Navigate to Stress Testing > Stress Sources
  2. Click the New button to create a new source of stressStress Test - 1
  3. Fill in the Identification Code and Source Name
  4. Fill in the Effective Dates of the stress source and the Percentage on that specified effective date
    • The graph to the left displays the Trend of the stress source that you just entered in percentages and effective dates for
  5. To delete a Stress Source select it from the right hand column and then click the Delete button

Creating the Stress Test

  1. After the stress source has been created, navigate to Stress Testing > Company TestStress Test - 2
  2. Click the empty Stress Test slot to create the new stress test
    • Mark the Active box, enter in the Test Number, Name, Effective Date, and any Notes
  3. Drill down on the newly created stress test by clicking the Blue Triangle next to it
  4. Here, choose the Select Field to Effect and Comparing toStress Test - 3
  5. Select the Compare Percent Label and Calc Method
  6. Then select the stress source previously created in the area just left of that from the drop down
  7. The last step is to write the formula; clicking the Green Plus buttons next to the Select Field to Effect and the Date, Rate, and Value fields will automatically put them in the formula to the right
  8. Click the Close button once finished

Choosing the Loans to Stress Test and Run the Test/Print Reports

  1. Final step, navigate to Stress Testing > Portfolio TestingStress Test - 4
  2. Select the newly created stress test from the Active Available Tests box in the upper right
  3. Then, in the Loans To Apply This Test To area, use the filters to select the Property Type, Loan Type, Contract Type, Region, and Status of the desired loans.
  4. After selecting the desired loans, click the Create Stress Test button at the top to run the test
  5. Once the test has been run you will then be able to click the Print button and select from the available reports

If you need further assistance please email with the title Stress Test in the subject line.