Storing Files in Fund Control

Guide Steps

There are many places to store documentation within Fund Control

  1. Files that reference a specific voucher/draw or budget of a project can be stored under the Files tab in the detail view
  2. General Project specific files can be stored under the NOC and More > Documents tab
  3. Within a communication log, files can be stored under the Reference Documents tab in the detail view
  4. The process is the same for all places:1
    1. Click on the Green Plus button to create a new record and then click the Black Triangle to the left
    2. Right click in the large box to the right and select Insert PDF for a PDF document and use Insert File for all other file typesStoring Documents - Loan Based 2
      1. The Ref. Code field can contain numbers and letters
      2. The Ref. Num field can only contain numbers
      3. The Title/Description field is used to describe the file
  5. Once done, click the Close button