Risk Factors – Company Setups

Guide Steps

**Request ECL Software to turn on Risk Factor server side script**

  1. Go to Setups > Company > Detail, then the Process tab > Loans tab > Risk Factors TabRisk Factors - Company Setup 1
  2. Then click the Add System Risks button
  3. Here use the green arrows to move over risk factors to the left to be usedRisk Factors - Company Setup 2
  4. Once done click the Close button
  5. Be sure to label the risks according to importance after adding them – the highest number is the most importantRisk Factors - Company Setup 3
  6. The top 9 of these risk factors will appear on reports 80 and 80.1.  To export more risk factors in an excel format use this guide
  7. These will now appear in red throughout the system when the criteria are met for them on a per loan basis

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