Record a Pay Down for Revolving Line (Builder Line) Loan

Guide Steps

Set up the Revolving Line Loan before recording paydowns

  1. Navigate to Borrowers > Paydowns > List or Detail and click the New buttonRecording Paydowns - 1
  2. Click the Record button
  3. Type in the desired loan number or any other information about the loan then click OK
  4. Select the desired loan from the list if it is displayed
  5. Enter in the Bank Ref# and Check Ref# or just enter in N/A for each field if not availableRecording Paydowns - 2
  6. Enter in the Value of the pay down and the Lot # it was for
  7. Select any line item for the Budget Code and Description
  8. Then click Accept and that will apply that pay down to the overall revolving line of credit on that loan

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