How to Void a Disbursement (Check)

Guide Steps

  1. Go to Borrowers > Disbursements and click the Find button to find the disbursement by Loan number, system number, check number, etc.
  2. Then click the arrow to the left to go into the Detail View of the disbursement
  3. Make sure that the Check Number field is any number other than 1
  4. Click the Void button in the top header of the disbursement
  5. Once this is done a message will pop up and click the Yes button to continue or Cancel to stop
  6. Then decide if the original voucher/draw is going to be Void as well or if you want to Keep it and edit it or disburse it at a later time
  7. If chosen to still keep the voucher/draw after voiding the disbursement(check), in the list of voucher/draws for the loan where the disbursement was voided the voucher/draw will not have a P located to the left anymore

Guide Screenshot Reference

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