How to Create an Inspection

Guide Steps

From Loans > Inspections View

  1. Select the current loan that needs an inspection from Loans > List
  2. Go to Loans > Inspections and then select the New Inspection button and either record an incoming inspection or send a request for a new inspectionCreate Inspection - 1
  3. If recording/requesting an incoming inspection you are taken to the Inspection detail screen and here is where the inspection values are input, at the top the three buttons are shortcuts that can adjust all the line items to either 50 percent or 100 percent complete, the Sug % that is just puts in the amount requested for the draw the Prev % which enters in the values from the previous inspectionCreate Inspection - 2
  4. Also be sure to put the inspectors name in the top right hand corner
  5. The Pictures tab is where pictures can be attached and the inspectors website can be visited
  6. The General tab is where general notes about the inspection are written and a file can be uploaded
  7. Once done entering the inspected values in the Cur% column hit the Close button at the top left corner
  8. It always pulls the percent complete percentage from the most recent inspection date, not the most recent inspection requested date

From Loans > Borrowers

  1. The other way to call for a new inspection is by going to Borrowers > Vouchers/Draws > Detail and hitting the Actions button at the top and select Request Inspection
  2. Hitting the Actions button and requesting an inspection can also be done when first creating the Voucher/Draw in the Borrowers Voucher/Draw Edit View screen
  3. This will create a new inspection request for the current voucher/draw that has been created for the loan
  4. To see this new inspection request go to Loans > Inspections and it will be there for the loan that you set it up for
  5. To delete an inspection click the red X to the right of the Comments section
  6. Hitting the blue arrow to the left of the Requested field take you the detail section of the inspection where the values can be entered or the inspection can be edited
  7. In the Inspections Overview tab it shows the past inspection percentages for all the past inspections of that loan

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