How to Create a Voucher/Draw

Guide Steps

Setting up First Initial Voucher/Draw of a Loan

    1. Go to Borrowers > Vouchers/Draws > List
    2. From this screen hit the New button in the left corner at the topdraws 1
    3. A pop-up will appear where the draw/voucher number can be entered, if using the voucher system; simply enter in the voucher number
    4. If using a draw system, then leave it blank hit ok and the red field is where the loan the draw/voucher is for is entereddraws 2
    5. After entering the loan it is for, move to the right and enter in the contact that is getting paid (borrower, contractor, etc) in the Vendor Code and Name field
    6. Once that is done, click on the red Vchr/Drw # and that will auto-populate the draw number for that loan, double check to make sure it is correct
    7. Enter in the value for each line item and also be sure to select the fund source that they are being paid from (loan, borrower, etc) under the Line Items tab
    8. Clicking the Actions button will bring up the following options:
      1. Add Budget Codes: This will bring in all the budget codes for the project and you will have to fill in the desired draw values of them.
      2. Request Inspection: This creates an inspection request based on the current voucher/draw
      3. Show Budget Codes: This will bring up the project budget in another window for reference
      4. Show Lots: Brings up the list of sub/lots for the project
    9. The Authorized amount field is based on the amount from the latest recorded inspection
    10. Clicking on the red Q will bring up the quick entry screen; click HERE for the guide
    11. The Files Tab is where documents specific to that voucher/draw can be stored, a guide to that is HERE
    12. Once done entering all the info click the Accept button at the top left

If the Loan Already has a Voucher/Draw Entered

    1. Once a draw/voucher has already been entered for a loan in the Loans > Overview screen for the loan click on the total sum of voucher/draws at the bottom and that will navigate to the voucher/draw section for that particular loanDraw from Overview
    2. From this screen click the New button in the left corner at the top
    3. Follow the same steps used to enter the first initial voucher/draw to enter in this voucher/draw information
    4. Once done click the Accept button

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