Creating AIA Billing on an Initial Draw

Guide Steps

  1. Navigate to Borrowers > Vouchers/Draws > Detail
  2. Click New to Create a New Voucher.
  3. Enter in your Voucher Header  information; Vendor, Voucher Number, Date… Etc
  4. Then Navigate to the Progress Billing tab and Click the New Progress Billing button (This is important, because you will get wrong results if the draw you are on does not have Progress Billing line items).
  5. This will add the Progress Billing Line Items
  6. Once we have all the Progress Billing Line Items shown, Click the Accept button.
  7. We will now be in the Borrowers > Vouchers/Draw > Details screen for the Voucher. From here we must click on the Progress line items tab, and choose the Setups sub-tab.
  8. We can now select the Print icon, and select Report 233 Progress Billing Pay Application

Guide Screenshot Reference