Budget Quick Entry Screen

Guide Steps

Quick Entry for a Budget

  1. When in the Budgets Edit window click the QQuick Entry - Budgets 1
  2. The Full Tabbing Tab just tabs through the yellow highlighted boxes for data entry
  3. The Values Only Tab only tabs through the Amount field of each budget line itemQuick Entry - Budgets 2
  4. The Description Only Tab allows the user to enter in an auto-increment for each new budget code created and only tabs through the Description field
  5. In the Auto increment by field enter in the amount desired for each new budget code to increase byQuick Entry - Budgets 3
  6. Once finished entering in the budget codes and descriptions click the Save button and proceed to enter in the other field values
  7. To delete a line item click the red X to the right
  8. Once finished click the Close button

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