Using the “Export A Merge File” action item

Guide Steps

Introduction / Overview


To provide additional options when creating subcontracts, CMIS provides the ability to export subcontract information in the form of a Microsoft Mail Merge file.  This allows the “data” from CMIS to be “Merged” into a Microsoft Word document to create the finished Subcontract agreement for signatures.  Of course, once signed that agreement can be uploaded to the Files and Documents area of the CMIS subcontract record.


There is one company setup that needs to be done in order for this option to work and have a consistent place where these “merge” files will be saved.

  1. Navigate to Setups > Companies > General > MAA > MAA General Info.
  2. Enter the default Path for the “File Path and Name for the Financial merge file

Creation of the Merge File

  1. Find the Subcontract or Subcontracts that the merge file is to be used on.
  2. In the Contract Vendor Info tab make sure the “scope” information has been added to the Text Scope field for each of the subcontracts that are to be exported.
  3. Select Export A Merge File from Actions.

Creation of the Word Subcontract

  1. Outside of CMIS open your Master Subcontract Agreement that is designed to accept merge data.
  2. In that document Select Recipients and select the previously created Merge document.
  3. Follow the Microsoft Word documentation to Finish & Merge this information.


Here is the list of fields from CMIS that are exported and their “Mail Merge” name

CMIS Full Field Name = <<Mail Merge Name>>
Contacts_MAA_clientcode::company = <<company>>
Projects_MAA_snp::job_name = <<job_name>>
Contacts_ProjectsMAAsnp_architectcode::company = <<company1>>
Contacts_MAA_vendorcode::company = <<company2>>
Contacts_MAA_vendorcode::address = <<address>>
Contacts_MAA_vendorcode::address_city = <<address_city>>
Contacts_MAA_vendorcode::address_state = <<address_state>>
Contacts_MAA_vendorcode::address_zip = <<address_zip>>
Contacts_MAA_vendorcode::phone_found_phone = <<phone_found_phone>>
Contacts_MAA_vendorcode::phone_found_email = <<phone_found_email>>
Licenses_ContactsMAAvendorcode_contactcode::license_number = <<license_number>>
Contacts_MAA-vendor2code::contact_name = <<contact_name>>
Projects_MAA_snp::date_construction_contract = <<date_construction_contract>>
Projects_MAA_snp::days_to_build_calc = <<days_to_build_calc>>
Projects_MAA_snp::property_address_full_calc = <<property_address_full_calc>>
Contacts_ProjectsMAAsnp_lender::addresscalc_company_address_city_state_zip = <<addresscalc_company_address_city_state_zip>>
MAA::job_number = <<job_number>>
Contacts_ProjectsMAAsnp_projectmanager::contact_name = <<contact_name1>>
Contacts_ProjectsMAAsnp_superintendent::contact_name = <<contact_name2>>
Projects_MAA_snp::addenda = <<addenda>>
Projects_MAA_snp::drawing_list = <<drawing_list>>
MAA::text_contract_docs_additioinal = <<text_contract_docs_additional>>
MAA::text_scope = <<text_scope>>
MAA::special_stip = <<special_stip>>
MAA::doc_value = <<doc_value>>
MAA::text_damages = <<text_damages>>
MAA::text_detail_description = <<text_detail_description>>
MAA::text_drawing_list = <<text_drawing_list>>
MAA::text_other_conditions = <<text_other_conditions>>
MAA::text_po_notes = <<text_po_notes>>
MAA::doc_code = <<doc_code>>
Contacts_ProjectsMAAsnp_projectmanager::phone_found_cell = <<phone_found_cell>>
Contacts_ProjectsMAAsnp_projectmanager::phone_found_email = <<phone_found_email1>>
Contacts_ProjectsMAAsnp_superintendent::phone_found_cell = <<phone_found_cell1>>
Contacts_ProjectsMAAsnp_superintendent::phone_found_email = <<phone_found_email2>>