Setting Default Company General Ledger Codes (GL Codes)

Guide Steps

Going To and Setting the Codes

  1. Navigate to Setups > Companies > Accounting > GL
  2. Click the Refresh button
  3. Select the Default General Ledger Account Codes that are to be used for each corresponding accounting function.


  • Default codes are company-specific.
  • These GL Codes are used to assist in the proper accounting of transactions, helping with the automation of posting processes.
  • The following defaults can be left blank if tracking of these identifiable values is not needed in financials.  By leaving them blank they can still be tracked within MAA but just not in the Trial Balance.
    • Accounts Payable Retention
    • Accounts Receivable Retention
    • Discount Given
    • Discount Taken
    • Sales Tax Paid (Expensed)
    • Sales Tax Collected (Income)