Recording a Deposit/Receipt

Guide Steps

Navigate to Accounting Deposits

Navigate to MAA > Accounting > Receipts/Deposits > List View


Click on New

  • Click the New button
  • In the Message dialog box click one of the following options:
    • Cancel to cancel this process
    • NonBilled if recording a check or interest that is not tied to a client billing.
    • Billed if recording a check from a client for a previously billed amount.

Filling in Needed Values

Fill in needed and required values:

  1. Select the Client Code – the drop-down will display those client codes tied to accounts receivable billings.
  2. Verify the Client’s Bank Code of the check
  3. Enter the Client Check #
  4. Enter the Deposit Date, the date that this will hit your bank.
  5. And in the Attach Selections tab Select by click on the square on each line item that is getting paid by this deposit.
  6. Verify the amount by clicking into the bottom yellow field.



Finish this transaction by clicking Process.