How to Post Transactions to the Trial Balance

Guide Steps

Introduction / Overview

“Posting” in CMIS is the mechanism to record financial transactions to CMIS’s General Ledger, also known as the Trial Balance.  There are a maximum of five types of transactions that CMIS can post depending on the Company’s Accounting setups.  They are:

  • AP – Accounts Payable transactions like Check Requests and Vendor invoices.
  • AR – Accounts Receivable transactions like Client Billings.
  • CD – Cash Disbursements like Checks.
  • CR – Cash Receipts like deposits.
  • GJ – General Journal entries like WIP adjustments or allocations for depreciation etc.

Navigate to and Find records that need to be posted

  1. Navigate to MAA (retro) > Accounting > Gen. Ledger > Postings
  2. Click on Find
  3. Enter the criteria you would like:
    1. In the Post As: field, select the type of Transaction you would like to post.  Note: the drop-down list will show only the transaction types that can be posted.  And remember only to post one type of transaction at a time.
    2. Enter any other type of criteria that you would, for example, maybe you only want to post a single vendor or client information then fill those fields with the values you want.
  4. Hit your RETURN key to complete the find.

Post the Found Set

Once you have found the set of records you want to post, click on Post.  The following will then happen:

  1. CMIS will validate each transaction that it can be posted.
  2. It will then present a dialog box indicating the result of the validation.  If any transaction doesn’t meet the validation, they will be omitted so that all the valid transactions can continue to be posted.  So click Continue.
  3. Once the transactions have been posted you can “find” any that were not posted by doing your search again.  In the field, Posting Issues will be the descriptions of why a transaction did not get posted.  The most common issue is a GL code is incorrect or missing.  At this point, you can fix the errors and try posting again.