Handling a Bounced Receipt/Deposit

Guide Steps


Hopefully you never have this situation where a Client’s check is stopped or returned to you by your bank.  However, there are several ways to handle this issue.  One way is to “Void” the Deposit.


Voiding a Deposit

This is a manual process but fairly easy to do:

  1. Find the Client Billing that the “Bounced” Deposit was paying.
  2. Edit this billing be adding two line items.  The first is the negative value of the “Bounced” amount and the second a positive value.
  3. Record a new Receipt and attach the above negative value to it (leaving the positive value alone).  Dating it the day that the receipt was “Bounced”; In the Bank Code enter “Bounced” and in the Client Check# enter the client’s original check or reference number.
  4. Process this new Receipt as normal.