Creating a Client Statement

Guide Steps

Select "Find Client Statement Records"

This process can be started from several areas, specifically:

  • Projects > Financial WIP
  • MAA > Accounting > Receipts/Deposits > List View
  • MAA > Accounting > Reports > Receivables

However, you will end in the Recepts/Deposits area

To get started, from Actions, select Find Client Statement Records.


Enter Your Find Criteria

In the Client Statement Find View card window fill in the information that you will want the Statement for:

  1. Job Number or Job Name
  2. Client Code or Client Name
  3. Documents to Include:
    1. Check BUDGET if you want to include Prime Contract and PCCO values
    2. Check BILLING if you want to include the Client Billings
    3. Check DEPOSIT if you want to include the Client Payments (deposits/receipts)
  4. As of Date – normally leave this blank.  By entering a date here the system will find only those transactions from that date forward.
  5. Click Continue to find the records needed for a client statement, or click Cancel to exit out of this process.



From Print select option 602.2 Client Statement – 2
Follow the normal Print processes.