Creating a Checks Request Manually

Guide Steps


In CMIS, a Check Request (CHKR) is a document that creates a Commitment and an Invoice (from a Vendor) simultaneously.  Think of it as a Request for a Check to be made for something that a Purchase Order or Subcontract would be impractical or impossible to create beforehand.

There are three ways a Check Request can be created, manually, by converting a projected cost, or automatically by reading a vendor’s invoice from a PDF or image.  This particular guide is for the Manual process.


How to Create

  1. Navigate to MAA > Management > List View (Summary)
  2. Click the New button
  3. In the New Document window, select the following:
    1. Step 1 – Select the CHKR Document ID
    2. Step 2 – Select the job number to which you would like this Check Request to be tied.  (NOTE: If this request is for multiple jobs, you can leave this blank, and within the Line Items of the Check Request, indicate which jobs this is for)
    3. Step 3 – Select the Vendor Code that is to be paid. (NOTE: you can look up the vendor code by entering in their company name )
  4. Click Continue and follow the prompts.

What to Fill In

The minimum information that is needed is:

  • The Invoice Number – the reference number from the vendor/payee
  • The Doc Date – the date of this referenced document
  • At least one line item with a Job Number, Quantity, and Price.

All other fields can be considered “Optional” depending on how you want to use CMIS.  To learn about how a field is used or what it is for, click in that field and click the Help button.