COR – Above Signature Line Text

Guide Steps


In order to have the most flexibility in printing COR documents, there are several  “text” areas that are defined by utilizing CMIS’s Predefined Text records.  Specifically, in this case, the text that is to appear above the signature lines of a COR.


The Setup

To tell CMIS which Predefined Text to use follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Setups > Companies > General > Default Text > Default Boilerplate > Default for Processes
  2. Look for the “Note above COR Signature Lines” option and enter the Predefined Text Code of the Predefined Text record that has the verbiage that you would like.

Update a Changed Code on an Existing COR

If you have changed the text of an existing Predefined Text record and would like that new text to appear on an existing and previously created COR follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Logs > COR > Detail View
  2. Find the COR that you would like to change
  3. Go to the Support tab
  4. Clear the Predefined Text Code under the label “Above COR Signature Line

The number should reappear but this will force a re-lookup of the text and update this above signature line text with the current version in CMIS.