Changing a User’s Privilege

Guide Steps

Change Their Group in User Portal

To change the privilege within CMIS that a user has, log into ECL’s user portal if you have admin access you’ll see the list of your users.

Select the user you would like to change and then change the Group to the CMIS Privilege that you would like for this user to be in.

Note: a user can only be in one Group.



Clear the Access Type in CMIS

You’ll need to tell CMIS that this user’s access has changed by clearing out the Access Type field for that user.

  1. Log into CMIS.
  2. Navigate to Setups > Users.
  3. Enter the user’s name or account name in the Quick Find field and hit your ENTER key.
  4. Clear any information that is in the Access Type field for this user.

Have the User Log Out and Back In

Once the above is done have the user log completely out of CMIS and their Remote Desktop Session.

When they log back in they will be working under the new access privilege.