*BETA* Auto Data Entry of Vendor Invoice Images

Guide Steps

Clicking the New Check Request button

To get to use this feature you must get to the New Check Request window.  You can get there one of these two ways:

  1. Navigate to Projects > General to the project that you would like to record Check Request on and in the lower right corner click the New Check Request button; OR
  2. Navigate to Projects > Service Work Orders > Detail View > MAA Detail for the work order you would like to record the Check Request on and in the upper left corner click the New Check Request button.

Process the Image

Once you are in the New Check Request window:

  1. Click the Import PDF button and select the PDF of the invoice you would like to process.
  2. Click the Read & Process button to fill in the information about this invoice.
  3. Verify and correct any data, and when done click the Done button.