Accounts Receivables

Guide Steps

Find The AR Records

First, navigate to the Accounting Reporting area, and then you’ll be able to find Account Receivable transactions based upon Real-Time (what client billings are currently outstanding) or as of a specific date (to tie out to an as of date with financials).  Here are the steps to do this:

  • Navigate to MAA > Accounting > Reports > Receivables
  • Click on Actions and select one of the following actions:
    • Find All for this Job – use this to find all outstanding billings for the job number that is currently highlighted.
    • Find AR Report Real Time – use this option to find all client billings that have not been paid yet, however you can enter restricting criteria if you would like.  For example the real-time receivables for a specific client across multiple jobs.
    • Find AR Report Specific Date – use this option if you are trying to tie out your Account Receivable details with the AR balance on your Balance sheet.  This option will ask for the specific As of Date that you would like.
    • Find Client Statement Records – use this if you would like to produce a “statement” for a specific client.  This will find the Budget, Billing, and Deposit records.

Print The Report

There are several report options that can be selected from the Print button.

  • Click Print
  • Select the print option that you would like
  • Follow the prompts as presented

NOTE:  There is an “Auto PDF Creation” print option here and that is #598.2 AR Aging by PM Separated.  This print option will create a separate PDF file for each Project Manager assigned to the project billings and place these reports in the user’s Documents folder.