Accounts Payable Report

Guide Steps


CMIS can provide both “real-time” and “As-Of-Date” Accounts Payable reports.  Real-time will show all non-paid invoices (Accounts Payable) as of the time the find was performed.  As-of-Date will find those invoices not paid as of the date that was selected during the finding process.  NOTE: the “As-of-Date” only works when MAA transactions have been “Posted” (either posting to CMIS’s trial balance or through QuickBooks).


Steps to Run an Accounts Payable report

  1. Navigate to MAA (Retro) > Accounting > Reports > Controlling
  2. Select Payables
  3. In the Message dialog box select either:
    1. Specific Date
    2. Real Time
    3. Cancel
  4. If Specific Date was clicked:
    1. Enter the As of Date
    2. Click Continue
  5. If Real Time was clicked:
    1. In the Payables Reports “find screen” enter any specific criteria or leave as is.
    2. Click Continue
  6. From the Acct Payables Detail List View screen select a Print option that you would like.