Account Reconciliation

Guide Steps

Introduction / Overview

The account reconciliation process is a means to validate that the financial transactions that are in CMIS match those recorded by an outside institution or organization.  Usually through a means of Monthly statements.

In CMIS any General Ledger account can be set up to be a reconcilable account by checking its Reconcilable Account checkbox.

Technically financial transactions that have an Account with a GL Code that is checked reconcilable can be reconciled.  The actual name of this Account field is MAA::chkdpt_account_code_input.


Find The Transactions to Clear

  1. Navigate to MAA > Accounting > Reports > Banking.
  2. Click the Reconcile button.
  3. In the Reconciliation Statement and Account card window enter the Account and the Statement Date that you want to reconcile, then click Continue.

Clear the Matched Transactions

  • While in the Reconcile List View window
  • Click on the green Arrow button to mark a transaction that has been cleared on the statement.
  • Click on the red “X” button to unmark a transaction.

Process this Cleared Transactions

  1. Make sure the total Deposits (additions) and the total Checks (substractions) match what is on the Statement.  If not you must go back and find what is missing or duplicated for you can continue.
  2. Make sure you sort by at least one of the columns.
  3. At the very top of your screen just below the column headers, it shows the Account that you are working on, the Statement Date, the Beginning Balance that should appear on your statement, and the Ending Balance that should also appear on your Statement.  Click the Gear button to calculate these balances.
  4. If all these numbers match your statement from Actions select Process Reconciliation.

Run Reports

  • To run a Bank Balance report:
  • From Actions select Find Bank Balance.
  • then from Print select 90 Bank Balance.


  • To run an Account Balance report (to match your Financials):
  • From Actions select Find Account Balance.
  • then from Print select 91 Account Balance.