1099 Reporting

Guide Steps

  1. Navigate to MAA Retro > Accounting > Reports > FormsNavigating to 1099 Report
  2. Click on the Red Date Range to populate the correct time period
  3. After that click the 1099’s button
  4. Click the Print option button and select the Found Set button
  5. Then select the 89.1 1099 Report and use that to double check all the contact information to insure the information is correctPrinting 89.1 1099 Report
  6. After validating the 1099 Report and refinding the correct group of records in MAA, navigate to Setups > Government > 1099 Reporting > List View
  7. Click the Import Vendor button, then after the records are imported click the Validate buttonPrinting Actual 1099's
  8. After everything is validated then click the Print button and select the desired form. Repeat for all the versions of the forms that are needed.
  9. Here is the IRS url about 1099’s as well: https://search.usa.gov/c/search?affiliate=irs&query=what+is+needed+for+1099%3F